Israeli Family Turns in Bizarre 700-Year-Old Hand Grenade (Video)

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August 25, 2016 Updated: August 27, 2016

The Israel Antiquities Authority has recently announced the recovery of several rare objects including a grenade estimated to be 700-years old. According to a press release, a family reached out to the government organization after the death of their father who had worked at a power station and collected artifacts from the sea.

Among these items was the ornate hand grenade, which is made of heavy clay and has been likened to a Molotov cocktail. One archaeologist has said to MailOnline that the weapon’s use could be traced to the Byzantine, early Islamic, and Ottoman periods.

Other pieces that were turned over include a 3,500-plus-year-old knife head as well as mortars and pestles from the 11th century. These artifacts are believed to have ended up in the water after falling from a merchant’s ship.  


Video Source: Daily Mail

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