iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: iWatch, iPhone 6 ‘Phablet’ Coming in September, Analyst Has Claimed

The iPhone 6 along with the “iWatch” smartwatch could see a September release, according to an analyst’s report this Friday.

Brian White, an analyst with the Cantor Fitzgerald financial services firm, said the new watch will cost about $200, and he is also saying there will be a 5.5-inch iPhone “phablet.”

White, in a recent note published by Business Insider, said Apple is making components for the iWatch. Nikkei’s Yuichiro Kanematsu also said the company is preparing the iWatch to be launched.

The watch will run on iOS 8, according to Kanematsu. Some have speculated that iOS 8‘s HealthKit feature will be a prominent feature on the iWatch.

White’s note says “we expect the ‘iWatch’ to be unveiled with the iPhone 6 in September. Since our research suggests the first iteration of the ‘iWatch’ is more of a companion device, and thus requires a connection to an iPhone, we believe unveiling the two new devices at the same time makes sense.”

He added, “Although our research suggests there will be a price band for the ‘iWatch’ (similar to other Apple products), we estimate the entry-level price could begin at approximately $199-229, making this new device very competitive with other brand-name smartwatches on the market and comfortably affordable for many consumers.”

White also that there’s more evidence that a “5.5-inch iPhone 6 will launch this fall.”

Experts have also said the iOS 8 will help the iPhone 6 conserve battery life better.

“A presentation slide shown during the tech giant’s Worldwide Developer Conference revealed the next-generation software will monitor battery usage by app,” the Daily Mail writes. “By monitoring which apps use the most power, Apple users will be able to keep a closer eye on their battery life and know which services to close, in order to extend it.”

Website 9to5Mac.com also reported the iPhone 6 processor will extend life to the battery as well

“Sources say that Apple has developed a new A8 system-on-a-chip for the next iPhone that focuses on marginal speed improvements rather than core architectural changes, but adds significant performance and efficiency enhancements in order to improve the iPhone’s battery life,” the website stated.