iOS 9 Beta: Download for Free 15 Awesome Wallpapers

August 13, 2015 Updated: August 13, 2015

Apple released iOS 9 beta 5 last week, and developers around the world couldn’t have been happier. The previous version of Apple’s unreleased iOS software — iOS 9 beta 4 — was easily the company’s worst build since beta 1.

It introduced a number of new bugs, caused Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and battery life was just awful. Thankfully, iOS 9 beta 5 seems to have addressed each and every one of beta 4’s main problems.

For non-developers, iOS 9 beta 5 also introduced a few interesting new features… and it also included 15 gorgeous new wallpapers.

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Apple’s iOS 9 betas are intended to help third-party app developers build apps that will be ready by the time Apple releases its new software to the public. New wallpapers (via 9to5Mac) are a nice addition to iOS, but they don’t really do anything as far as helping developers.

So… why not let regular iOS users enjoy them instead?

We’ve created an album on Imgur — speaking of Imgur, check out our exclusive interview with the site’s founder — that will show you each and every one of the 15 new wallpapers Apple added to the iPhone in iOS 9 beta 5. You can also download them all at full resolution here.

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