iOS 7 Battery: Save iPhone, iPad Battery Life With a Few Tips

December 12, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

After it was released months ago, a number of people are still having issues with depleted battery life.

iOS 7 has a number of apps that run in the background that deplete the battery life of an iPhone or iPad.

A major battery life-drainer is the Background App Refresh feature. Users can access the feature in the Setting section, and to General. Disabling the Background App Refresh feature will work only for apps that have the refresh support built into them.

The very top switch will disable all apps, while it offers the option to turn off each individual one below it. It will say “this will prevent all apps from using Location Services in the background, including gofences,” if one chooses to select the top one, but it means that apps that use GPS will not be used while running in the background.

Another function that drains battery life is the “Location Tracking” feature. This can be accessed via Settings before going to the Privacy tab before Location Services. All the apps that use the Location Services will be listed on the page. It also includes the ability to shut down apps individually, but it is recommended to use caution when doing so.

AirDrop–which allows users to share files with other iOS 7 devices on a network–also uses up battery life. This can be shut off by clicking on the AirDrop button in the Control Center tab.