Instagram Starlet Gets 50 Plastic Operations to Look Like Angelina Jolie

November 30, 2017 Updated: December 1, 2017

An Iranian Instagrammer is taking body modification to a staggering extreme.

Sahar Tabar, an apparent ultra-fan of Angelina Jolie, is on a mind-bending crusade to look more like Jolie than Jolie herself, and she’s documenting it all on Instagram.

Belgian media Sud info reported that Sahar has allegedly undergone 50 procedures to look like her idol. But some fans said it’s all makeup and clever prosthetics, and if she wants, she can tone it down, reported the Daily Mail.


Still, Tabar’s official Instagram account is packed with snaps that challenge onlookers with the fallout of no-holds-barred cosmetic surgery and beyond-enhanced Angelina-esque features.

For those wanting a sense of the ‘real’ Sahar Tabar behind all the characterization, her more personal Instagram profile may offer a glimpse.

An early photograph that she posted of herself is this pre-surgery selfie featuring her in a traditional hijab.

Here she is without the traditional adorment, but by all accounts still a run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern girl.

Then the Teheran teen’s journey of a thousand cuts began–with a single nose job.

And here’s post-op Tabar recovering from a rhinoplasty procedure.

Tabar has shared numerous selfies on social media, many of which have sparked controversy and debate among her followers.


“You were gorgeous!” stated one comment.

“You are pretty! Stay this way,” said another follower.

“You was [sic] a very beautiful girl … and now you look horrible,” said a third.

Comments on Tabar’s Instagram profile. (Instagram)

Many of Tabar’s followers are calling on her to tone down her look, saying her current, extreme look resembles a ‘zombie.’

And Tabar can tone it down, it would seem, as this post would appear to show.

Still, it’s a departure from these old photos–the innocence of youth.

But if some of her most recent photographs are anything to go by, it may well be that Tabar is taking the road to a more mainstream look.

We certainly hope so!

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