Injured Fish Keeps Sinking to the Bottom of His Tank, a ‘Life Jacket’ Helps Him Swim Again

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

One pet owner took her dedication to the next level when she noticed her fish experiencing trouble.

A Swedish pet owner noticed that one of her goldfish had a hard time swimming and kept sinking to the bottom of the tank and could not stay right-side up. Her fish had Swim Bladder Disorder, which made it nearly impossible for the fish to stay buoyant.

Her fish, had a specialized organ called a swim bladder, found in certain species of bony fish. The organ contained oxygen and gasses and helped maintain a neutral buoyance of the fish when it swims to certain depths. The fish developed Swim Bladder Disorder, which could have been caused by many factors, including the possibility of poor water quality. A sudden shock can cause a fish to become stressed and may disrupt the fish’s natural body functions, resulting in buoyancy disorders.

After researching more about the disease, she decided to fashion a harness to help keep the fish afloat. The owner fashioned plastic twist ties, found on bread and snacks, to cork to help maintain the fish’s buoyancy.

The owner went through several variations of the prototype harness to help the fish swim, adding more material to help the fish float. At one point, she adds a cork to keep the fish floating. After the owner added the cork, the fish began to swim noticeably faster. Although many owners might not had taken the time to help their fish, this owner did and went the extra mile to help it just keep swimming.

Credit: Newsflare