Indulging a Child Brings Dire Results

October 29, 2009 Updated: October 29, 2009

Zhang Eryou was the older, and Zhang Sanchen was the younger of the two brothers. When Eryou died, he left behind a young son. Sanchen accepted full responsibility for the boy and loved him dearly.

When the boy grew up, Sanchen used up most of his own money to buy his nephew land to start a family. However, indulgence had turned his nephew into an arrogant young man. The young man had numerous affairs and enjoyed much pleasure with women. Eventually, he contracted an odd illness and died.

This weighed heavily on Sanchen's mind, though his neighbor assured him that he had handled everything appropriately. Sanchen became ill and went into a coma, at which time he had a vision.
Once he regained consciousness, he thought deeply about this vision: "Strange—my brother Eryou wanted to sue me, insisting that I had killed his son. That is really unfair!"

After a few days, Sanchen felt better, and his mind became clearer. He told his family: "Actually, it is true. My nephew did not have a hopeless future. I did not educate him properly and only showered him with material benefits. As a result, he had affairs and died young. If I did not kill him, then who did?"

Sanchen repented and died soon after.