Incredible Pool Designs You Gotta See

December 6, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Have you seen the latest designs in pools? The days of those round above-ground pools or standard rectangular underground pools are out. Pools are evolving around the world with unique designs, unique features and unusual locations. No longer will you simply see a pool in a backyard, inside a hotel pool area or underground. Now there are glass-bottom pools that allow you to see underneath you, pools shaped like musical instruments, disappearing edge pools that appear to overflow into an ocean and pools up in the sky that make you feel like you’re flying. It’s amazing how pools have evolved from the standard shapes and locations. Here is a look at some incredible pool designs that you’ll want to check out.

Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity edge pools, also called zero edge or disappearing edge pools, are one of the latest trends in pool design. The visual effect of this type of pool is one in which the water appears to vanish or extend into the horizon. The best infinity edge pool locations are near a large body of water that make the pool appear to overflow into the ocean. Some infinity pools appear to extend into the sky if the pool is located on the side of a hill. They are typically found in exotic resorts or exclusive estates and the design comes all the way from France.

A few of the most popular infinity pools from around the world include the one at Capella Pedregal in Mexico which overlooks the ocean, the one at Jade Mountain in Soufriere of St. Lucia which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the island’s Pitons, as well as the one at Matakauri Lodge in New Zealand overlooking Lake Wakatipu and Cecil Peak.

Uniquely Shaped Pools

In Bedford, NY designer and builder Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping of Mahwah, New Jersey customized and built a glass-tile violin pool. It’s a huge replica of a 1700s Stradivarius violin that has won the company awards for exceptional design and building. The homeowner had this violin that the pool was replicated from and the pool designers took every detail from it to incorporate into the pool. There are two Koi ponds which represent the bow of the violin as well.

Glass-Bottom Pools and Unique Locations

A new trend in pool design is to relocate a pool into a high location. For example the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in China has a lap pool that hangs over the side of a 24-story building. The glass bottom allows guests to see what’s underneath them and feel like they are flying.

Another example of this is located in Marbella in Spain. The Jellyfish House is a residential pool in which the pool is located throughout the home and up to the roof. It’s designed to allow the homeowner to enjoy views of the beach and the sea while swimming. The house has two paths of circulation that intertwine through the home’s four stories. The pool contains an infinity edge, a glass-bottom floor, a panoramic window at the interior facing edge and through its glass design, the pool can be seen from all areas of the house. I’d imagine they made use of super strong glass like Aquaview Pool Fencing Company shows.

Pool design has come a long way and people are in love with all of the unique shapes, features and locations in which pools can now be enjoyed.