Incredible Device Turns Air Into Safe Drinking Water

Is it possible to simply generate water from the air?
By Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
November 18, 2014 Updated: November 18, 2014

This device is so important it won a James Dyson Award.

Water-filtering tools such as the Lifestraw are great. But what if you don’t have a lake or a puddle of water nearby? Is it possible to simply generate water from the air? Using the Fontus bottle, anyone can collect humidity from the air and have free, clean and drinkable water.

Safe, Efficient and Reliable

The Fontus bottle does one thing extremely well. It collects humidity or moisture from the air. Under the right conditions, it can gather as much as 500mL in one hour. If that’s not enough, the outdoor gadget doesn’t just collect water, it also purifies it.

Any standard PET 0,5l bottle fits on the device. That means you can use most plastic containers or water bottles at your local store or gas station to trap essential H20.

Solar Energy at Its Core

Forget about batteries, cords and chargers. The Fontus bottle is self-sustaining and runs on solar energy. By heating various chambers in the compartments, the device separates tiny water molecules from the air that comes in through the entry point.

Attaching the bottle to a bike can generate the wind needed for maximum collection. Imagine casually riding your bike, knowing that you will always have a bottle of water ready for you. That’s the kind of guarantee the Fontus bottle can make.

It Can Also Save Your Life

Running out of water is a serious problem. Without clean water, individuals can’t function. That’s why this device is so important. If you like camping, the Fontus bottle could be your new best friend. You’ll never have to worry about your reserves. If you have a child who likes riding a bike on trails, knowing he or she always has water is the assurance you need as a caring parent.

Seriousness aside, who doesn’t want free water?

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