Incredible Antler Find Shared by Iowa Officials as Reminder of Law

February 13, 2018 Updated: February 13, 2018

A department in Iowa has shared a unique picture as a reminder of an aspect of hunting that some may not know.

The picture shows a deer skull with an incredible set of antlers still attached.

“If you’re lucky this winter, you may find some shed deer antlers. If you’re REALLY lucky, like Tyler Knott, you’ll find a rack like this!” the Department of Natural Resources stated.

But the department noted that it’s illegal to have such a set of antlers, still attached to a skull, without a yellow salvage tag.

The tag can be obtained by calling a local department conservation officer.

It’s currently the offseason for deer hunting in the state.

According to the official seasons and quotas information (pdf), deer hunting season typically starts for some on Sept. 16.

For different types of hunters, the start date can be in October or December.

The final hunting day was Jan. 10.

The department did note that no permit or license is needed to hunt shed antlers in the state.


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