9 Best British Fashion Blogs

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

Enjoy a 5-o’clock tea British style with a browse through the best of the British fashion blogs.

The Style Bubble has earned its fame, but it’s not all the “Land of the Rose” has to offer.   

1. Wish Wish Wish

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The first thing that’s striking about the blog of this 23-year-old Londoner, Carrie, is her perfectly charming photos. Her blog features gentle tones with many oh-so-British details and settings. Her style is subtle but marvelous, cloaked in tweed collar dresses, Oxford shoes, pleated skirts, and cat or tea prints.


2. Park and Cube

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Shini’s Park and Cube is more than a blog—it has the feel of a Sunday magazine printed on quality paper and full of soft colors and fabulous photos. Shini’s DIY scarves, urban landscapes, sneak-peek photos from the big brands of fashion, and even her food recipes, have earned her a place on this list.


3. I Want You to Know

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Fashion designer Kristabel was born and bred in London, as she wrote on her blog. She presents the charm of old London streets and inspiring locations in the city. Her style includes eccentric knitwear and she gets excited about chunky heels.


4. FashnChips

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Named for the most typical British food, this blog also carries all the elegance of classic British style (though Christine has recently been writing from the Netherlands). Christine pays attention to all the details from head to toe, while maintaining simplicity. High street-fashion brands play a big role in her blog. FashnChips also comes with many interesting interviews, photos, and ideas.


5. The Fashion Guitar

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Britain is home to an international community, so it’s to be expected that British blogs include some international flair. Charlotte from the Netherlands is great at mixing all the latest trends, while still creating her own signature style. You’ll find on her site denim on denim, ombre jackets, typography T-shirts, and more. Her posts are also quite pleasant to read.


6. Jazzabelle’s Diary

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Jazmine shares second-hand hauls with stories. Her pieces of clothing come with their histories and add a very personalized touch to her style. It’s easy to feel you’re in Britain looking at Jazmine’s sunny photos, full of doubledecker buses, Buckingham Palace, or other landmark British features.


7. A Pair and a Spare

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DIY tips, videos, streetstyle fashion, home decorating ideas, travel tips, and tons of other ideas—a Pair and a Spare DIY is not just a fashion blog, but rather a whole world of inspiration. You could spend at least half of your day browsing. Blogger Geneva, now living in Hong-Kong, knows what our closets need.



8. A Little Bird Told Me

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Jen describes herself as “statement necklaces obsessive.” She definitely exemplifies what I would call British style, mixing patterns and colors, and mixing vintage style with modern pieces such as statement necklaces.


9. Diary of a Vintage Girl

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Fleur’s vintage style extends further back than some, reviving the 1940s fashion in her everyday clothing. The past lives in the present for this blogger who lives a truly vintage life. Her blog captures other parts of British life dedicated to the elegance of the past.