iFixit announces project Android

February 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

What started out as an attempt to fix an old iBook eventually gave birth to the company in 2003. From there the company started writing lots of do it yourself (DIY) manuals to repair gadgets. After continually building on that successful model along with hundreds if not thousands of guides to fix electronics, iFixit announced officially the first phase of Project Android in a blog post.

Traditionally the company was known for generating some of the most complete Apple repair guides, Apple teardowns and Apple parts, according to the company. But it absolutely makes sense for the company to work on tinkering Android devices and there overwhelming presence in the market.

This is not going to be an easy task because there are well over 4,000 different models using the Android Operating System (OS) whereas Apple has 10 different models.  The company has made a big push for this initiative since they have at the present time 252 guides for Android devices.

If you were wondering what Android repair guides will be available they will include instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S, the Nexus tablet series and Galaxy Note. To learn more about how they approach repairs visit the iFixit YouTube channel.

The fierce competition for market share between Google and Apple has been heightened for some time. These tech giants are fighting for smartphone and tablet supremacy, so the battle will live on for years to come.

When one takes a look at the bigger picture it comes as no surprise that iFixit shifted gears to feature Android. To illustrate the reasoning a report published by American Internet Analytics Company, comScore, offers a snap shot of the United States (U.S) smartphone subscriber market share. Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 41.6 percent. On the other hand, Google Android was the number one smartphone platform with 53.1 percent of the market. As a business you are in a better position to succeed if you work on Apple and Google products.

A lot of things have changed at iFixit and this is bound to expand further the company’s original focus. For this ambitious project iFixit did explicitly say they would be working with technical writing students from 40 universities from across the U.S. Furthermore, new partnerships are in the works in order to aid the efforts for the expansion of cataloging Android replacement parts.