Suspect’s Name in Deadly Santa Fe High School Shooting Is Revealed: Report

May 18, 2018 Updated: September 27, 2018

The identity of the gunman who opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday morning, May 18, was identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, officials told KHOU-TV.

Pagourtzis shot and killed at least eight people and injured others, police told the station.

Law enforcement agencies were searching a mobile home on Highway 6, where records showed where he lived, according to KHOU. Officials are concerned that explosives might be inside the home, and officials said they found explosives near Santa Fe High School.

On social media, as the station reported, Pagourtzis posted a photo of himself wearing a shirt that read, “Born to Kill.” The caption said, “We all die sometime.”

Other reports, including one from the Dallas News, indicated that 10 people died in the shooting.

“We hope the worst is over, and I really can’t say any more about that because it would be pure speculation,” Assistant Principal Cris Richardson told reporters at the scene of the incident, ABC13 reported.

A witness, 10th-grade student Dakota Shrader, described the chaotic scene.

“Next thing you know, everybody looks and you hear ‘boom, boom, boom, and I just ran as fast as I could to the nearest forest so I can hide and I called my mom,” Shrader told USA Today. “Everybody just starts running, everybody yelling ‘run, go, as fast as you can,’” she said.

One of her friends got shot in the leg while in the school’s art hallway.

Right after the shooting, the school district issued a statement: “This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The situation is active, but has been contained. There have been confirmed injuries.”

It added, “Details will be released as we receive updated information. Law enforcement will continue to secure the building and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location. All other campuses are operating under their regular schedules.”

President Donald Trump issued a statement on the matter on Friday morning, May 18.

“School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!” he tweeted.

Angelica Martinez, 14, who goes to the school, said that she and her classmates thought they were being evacuated for a fire drill.

“We were all standing (outside), but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots,” she said. “And then everybody starts running, but like the teachers are telling us to stay put, but we’re all just running away. I didn’t see anybody shooting, but like (the gunshots) were kind of spaced,” Angelica said.


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