‘I Feel My Soul Being Fully Charged,’ Company President Says

March 18, 2018

“After seeing Shen Yun every time, I feel my soul being fully charged like a cellphone. It’s really amazing! I just cannot describe what’s going on.”

“I think everyone may be touched in different ways. The most inner part of my soul was conjured up, and then I have the strength to stride forward. This is what I like Shen Yun most.”

“Every actor’s performance is so exquisite, and the music in the first piece of the program is so touching. They are what touched me and impressed me most.”

“It [Shen Yun] can get me a brand new mindset, as if a switch was triggered.”

“In the chaotic society, a stabilizing force is especially needed. Every time I see Shen Yun, my mind can always be tranquil.”

“I particularly like the overall ambience created by the orchestra, as if all of the grievances in my mind dissipate suddenly.”

“The music is so touching, and the dance as well as the choreography—so wonderful. Shen Yun’s overall performance is really very beautiful. The ambience created by the music can make me feel totally relaxed and calm myself down, so that I can contemplate how I should walk the path ahead of me.”

“Shen Yun does help me a lot. … I think it’s high time I repaid Shen Yun.”

“I truly appreciate the artistic director for [his efforts] in putting out Shen Yun performances continuously over the past 12 years. I hope I can see Shen Yun in the next 20 or even 30 years in the future, regardless of where it is and how busy I may be. I will participate in Shen Yun promotion in a grateful and pleasant mood every year.”

“I’ll share my personal experience with more friends.”