Husband Convicted for Stabbing Blindfolded Wife After Saying He Had a Present for Her: Reports

September 9, 2019 Updated: September 10, 2019

A husband on trial for attempted murder was convicted for stabbing his wife after asking her to close her eyes for a surprise.

Shaun May, of Tunbridge Wells, U.K., asked his wife, Laura, to close her eyes while she was laying on her bed, Kent Online reported. Her face was covered with a towel.

She had asked him: “Will I like this?” And May, 34, replied with, “Yes.”

Prosecutors said that May counted down from 10 before he stabbed her and broke the knife handle.

In the trial, May admitted to causing the wound but denied the attempted murder charges, according to the report.

But Laura told the jury that during the incident, “I said, ‘Yes,’ and he told me to close my eyes, which I did. He told me to lay on my back, which I did and he placed something over my eyes. I thought it was a tea towel.”

The woman said she heard a “dingling” noise but didn’t know what it was, the local news outlet reported.

Laura said that her phone vibrated but May told her to ignore it. She then sat there for about 10 minutes as he paced around the room.

“I started getting fed up and just rolled over but he said: ‘I was going to do it then. I was going to do it then’ so I rolled back,” she said. “He then started counting from 10..9…8…7..5…4…3. then 2.4..2.3. I was getting annoyed. He did this two or three times…he never reached zero.”

Then, she recalled, she felt something hit her shoulder.

“I couldn’t get it off. I couldn’t get it off. I thought at first it was a Halloween prop because I could feel blood trickling down,” Laura said. “I shouted: ‘This isn’t real.’ He said to me: ‘This is real.’ He sounded so calm.”

File photo of a switchblade knife. (Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

She said May then appeared with two knives and said he was going to kill himself.

Laura told him that she was able to talk him out of dropping the knives, and he told her he was fired from his job for using a work account to pay for Amazon items. He also spoke about being unable to pay the mortgage.

According to The Mirror, May narrowly missed vital arteries when he stabbed her.

After the incident, he drove his wife to Pembury Hospital in Kent, and she claimed to have fallen on the blade. Staff called the police.

When his wife was waiting for X-rays, May told her: “You’ve got to tell the truth. I’m going to tell the truth. You will find someone better and don’t visit me while on remand.”

He also told a hospital officer about his problems. “I picked up the knife and rather than injure myself I took it out on Laura,” he said.