Human Rights Attorney Reveals Corruption in Shanghai

By Li Zhen, Epoch Times
June 13, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: June 13, 2006 12:00 am

HONG KONG – Renowned Shanghai attorney Zheng Enchong was released from his three-year jail sentence on June 5, 2006. The attorney was jailed for representing Shanghai residents who were evicted from their homes, which were being demolished to make way for new development. Prior to his arrest, Zheng sued the Shanghai government and Zhou Zhengyi, former Shanghai tycoon and Secretary of the Party Committee.

Zheng Enchong told The Epoch Times that the Shanghai Clique [1] headed by the former Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Jiang Zemin, has been participating in embezzlement activities. Zheng stated that the number of people and the amount of money involved is shocking. Attorney Zheng also criticized the Shanghai Clique for destroying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the country singlehandedly.

Evidence of Embezzlement

Zheng Enchong claims he has overwhelming evidence of the Shanghai Clique's embezzlement activities. He listed people who were involved, including, Huang Ju, a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee, Vice Minister of the State Council, former Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and former Shanghai Mayor; and Huang Ju's wife—Yu Huiwen, as well as Chen Liangyu, a member of the Central Committee and Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and Han Zheng, the current Mayor of Shanghai and Vice Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee.

Attorney Zheng also revealed that Zhou Zhenyi, the Secretary of the Party Committee, once “donated” 20 million yuan to Yu Huiwen's Shanghai Charity Foundation. In addition, tycoons with more money than Zhou Zhenyi are also involved in the embezzlement.

Hunger Strike to Protest Unreasonable Detainment

Zheng Enchong has been strictly monitored by the Chinese communist regime since his release from jail. At present, ihs phone and Internet lines and those of his and his relatives' houses are cut off. Despite the strict monitoring, Zheng Enchong has been interviewed by BBC, Radio Free Asia, The Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV and other media since his release from jail. After Zheng Enchong exposed the scandals of the Shanghai government, he and his wife, Jiang Meili, were summoned to their sub-district office by local officials on June 8, 2006. The officials demanded they not accept any interviews. Two days later, Zheng Enchong was taken away by the police.

Zheng Enchong was taken to the Guoqing Road Police Substation Zhabei District in Shanghai and questioned by over ten Zhabei District policemen. The police told Zheng Enchong: On the first and second days of your release from jail, your behavior was good because you told the media that you had no comments. On the third day, however, you stepped out of line and accepted interviews from international media. You were out of control and exposed the leaders of the CCP one after another.

According to attorney Zheng's family, officers at the Zhabei District Police Substation threatened they would detain Zheng for five to ten days and fine him 300 to 500 yuan. Attorney Zheng embarked on a hunger strike to protest. At the same time, the Shanghai police received many overseas media inquiries and requests for phone interviews; to avoid negative publicity, they released Zheng that night.

Many Policemen Prevent Visitors

Soon after Zheng Enchong was released from jail, over one hundred people tried to see him but were taken away by CCP special agents. Recently, 50 to 60 police surround his neighborhood, video cameras have been installed outside his home. In addition, six to seven police cars guard his building day and night while two motorcycles constantly patrol around the area. There are even three special agents who stand at the entrance of Zheng Enchong's building elevator and outside his door 24 hours a day to prevent any people from visiting him.

[Note 1] The informal name for officials in the CCP in the Shanghai City administrations headed by Jiang Zemin