Hong Kong Youths Plan Hunger Strike on July 1

June 27, 2009 6:15 am Last Updated: July 4, 2009 9:08 am

HONG KONG—As July 1 approaches, several young Hong Kong citizens are calling for a voluntarily hunger strike to fight for democracy.

Jaco Chau, 25 years old, called on Hong Kong Internet users to fight for democracy together. He said that a hunger strike was the most direct way to express sincerity, where everyone can feel the significance behind it, “It is not enough to depend on members of the legislative body to fight for democracy and general election. We need a sense of autonomy.”

Chau appealed to the Hong Kong people to take responsibility of their own society, saying there was no need to wait for the leadership of other people or groups. He appealed to every citizen to face the reality and do their own part to realize the democracy.

He believed that the development of the Internet already created a new civil action mode, taking the example of a recent mainland case where a waitress, in self defense, killed a communist cadre who attempted to rape her. He commented that, “The Internet has become the most independent and most efficient tool.” The nationwide support of the bloggers helped people fight for their civil rights.

Another 19-year-old participant, Daniel Leung, wants to express his dissatisfaction on the lack of democracy and social injustice in Hong Kong. He believed only a general election could move Hong Kong to democracy in Hong Kong’s current political system. “To achieve real democracy, every citizen has to show their attention and commitment,” said Leung.

Currently, six young people have signed up for the campaign. The hunger strike will take place at Times Square in Causeway Bay from 6:00p.m., June 29 to 17:00p.m., July 2, totaling to 71 hours. They welcome all people to join them at any time.

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