Hong Kong Occupy Central Live Stream and Blog: Day 26 (Oct. 23)

October 22, 2014 Updated: October 25, 2014

Follow the latest developments from the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. See prior events here. 

22:11 HKT [10:11 EDT] Benny Tai, one of the co-founders of Occupy Central with Love and Peace, announces an upcoming vote concerning future actions for the Federation of Students.

The vote will be held on Oct. 26, and comes in the wake of a government offer to hold further talks with representatives from the protesters on the condition that they end the occupation of Hong Kong’s streets.


20:06 HKT [8:06 EDT] 

19:58 HKT [7:58 EDT] Mainland China has banned all pro-Occupy celebrities. Cantopop Singer Denise Ho says it’s an honor to be banned in favor for walking with the people of Hong Kong. 

18:58 HKT [6:58 EDT] Website of Silent Majority for Hong Kong has been hacked and compromised. Silent Majority is a pro-Beijing group that has been nicknamed “Help the Party Speak Out Movement” by its detractors. 

16:33 HKT [4:33 EDT] “I want true universal suffrage” banner on Lion Rock guarded by some 20 supporters, authorities have taken no action. 

15:32 HKT [3:32 EDT] Three hundred injuries caused by the police and anti-Occupy mobs so far. 

14:54 HKT [2:54 EDT] Banner on Lion Rock inspired by Leung Chun-ying’s comments about the poor?  

13:58 HKT [1:58 EDT] Apple Daily on the banner unfurled at Lion Rock: “Much of the older generation sees the present one as ‘hoodlum youth’ that don’t understand ‘the spirit of Lion Rock.’ However, we have seen in the occupied zones that every citizen is struggling for democracy, for civil justice. Unlike the previous generation of Hong Kongers who concern themselves with profits, the current generation is ready to put their lives on the line. This, in fact, truly embodies ‘the spirit of Lion Rock.'”

13:44 HKT [1:44 EDT] Channel NewsAsia has reported that over 1,300 Hong Kong civil servants have anonymously voice their support for the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement. Functionaries from a variety of government departments, including the police and justice system, have taken pictures of their IDs (with names whited out) and uploaded them to a public Facebook page. 

13:31 HKT [1:31 EDT] The Umbrella Movement has reached the most scenic spots of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  

01:40 HKT [13:40 EDT] Kenny G says he didn’t mean to defy the government with his statements. 

A stream of comments from the musician followed: 

01:02 HKT [13:02 EDT] How Hong Kong domestic workers see the protests

“I think if the government doesn’t listen to Hong Kong people, Hong Kong people will still be on the road. What is wrong, what is right, I don’t know. It’s up to them!”

01:00 HKT [13:00 EDT] Jimmy Lai, founder of pro-democracy media Apple Daily, in interview with The Epoch Times: “All the momentum and power rests with these students. A lot of people think that after a while it will peter out and thin down, but the reverse is true: the more we fight, the more people understand the ideas and get affected and moved by it, and see the possibility.”

00:28 HKT [12:28 EDT] People making more arrests in Mong Kok.  

00:26 HKT [12:26 HKT] Police have set up tents; have they finally decided to join the protesters or something? 

00:23 HKT [12:23 EDT] This is why the people of Hong are so keen to hold on to democracy: