Hong Kong Media is Under Purge Due To Taiwan Issue

By Olivia Li
Olivia Li
Olivia Li
April 20, 2020 Updated: April 20, 2020
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Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Bruce Aylward, accepted a video interview with a Hong Kong reporter. When asked whether he would reconsider making Taiwan a member of WHO, his reaction was over the top. Hong Kong officials later criticized the program for “breaching the One-China principle” and demanded punishment.

In response to Director of the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Qiu Tenghua’s claims of the report violating the one-China principle and the “Hong Kong Radio Charter”, former Hong Kong Legislative Council Member Liu Huiqing (Emily Lau) expressed disagreement. Lau believes the interview footage has a great impact on the general public, and that citizens respect and appreciate the program, although it may annoy certain pro-communist groups.

Former Hong Kong Legislative Council Member Emily Lau: Why would (the interview) violate (the one-China principle)? She (The reporter) did not say that Taiwan wants independence. Even if she meant that it has nothing to do with Hong Kong’s ‘one country, two systems.’ So everyone thinks it is outrageous. This incident really caused an international sensation. I believe it will also be very sensational in Taiwan. In other areas (around the world), because of WHO, many people are observing WHO. Many people already think that WHO gives the impression that, as a US official said, that it is not the World Health Organization, but rather the China Health Organization, because it is controlled by the CCP.

Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General of WHO, was interviewed by the Yvonne Tong, host of RTHK’s English current affairs program “The Pulse”. When asked about Taiwan, Aylward pretended not to hear it, left the video, and then went offline. In response, Liu Huiqing (Emily Lau) said that WHO’s response was outrageous.

Emily Lau: “Everyone knows that Taiwan’s approach during this epidemic has drawn the attention and admiration of many people, so she (Yvonne Tong) mentioned Taiwan and asked, ‘Can Taiwan enter WHO?’ Wow, he (Bruce Aylward) seemed like he didn’t hear it. When asked again, he disconnected. It was very ridiculous. This didn’t have to happen. All he needed to do was provide a standard response, ‘Official WHO members will decide,’ and it would have been fine. But he didn’t and reacted out of fear. Some people say that if WHO is even too scared to mention Taiwan, then this is truly too bad. ”

After the incident, WHO’s reaction elicited criticism from all parties for its turning a blind eye to Taiwan. The Radio Television Program Producers’ Union recently issued a statement in response to Qiu Tenghua’s unfair accusations of the reporter, stating that they seriously damaged Hong Kong’s freedom of the press. The CCP Pneumonia epidemic broke out globally, with more than 1 million people diagnosed, but so far, only 363 people have been diagnosed in Taiwan.

Olivia Li