Hong Kong Deportations: No Reason Given but Force Used

By Jie Gao, Sound of Hope
June 30, 2007 Updated: June 30, 2007

With the 10th anniversary celebrations of the former British colony's return to China occurring this weekend, authorities have refused a large number of Taiwanese people to enter Hong Kong.

Hong Kong authorities used over a hundred police to repatriate Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners, 105 of whom had forced used upon them to be taken back onto planes to return them to Taiwan.

Witnesses at Hong Kong airport described an incident where several police wrapped one Taiwanese citizen with a special police-use blanket, while one female Falun Gong practitioner was carried out by a male policeman to the airplane.

Between 3a.m. and 7a.m. on Saturday June 30, Sound of Hope (SOH) reporters witnessed many police continuously entering interrogation rooms with blankets, glass-reinforced plastic products or electric batons in what was thought to be attempts to deport those people in the room.

The Falun Gong practitioners in the interrogation room recalled that the police clearly addressed that the reason for the repatriation was because they were not welcomed in Hong Kong, but they didn't mention a word about Falun Gong.

SOH reporter Shuhui stated that the Hong Kong police said it was the Mainland Chinese police who gave them the name list of Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners. She said the police were searching Taiwanese practitioners' luggage, after that we lost contact with her.

Around 8:16a.m., about 105 Falun Gong practitioners were repatriated back to Taiwan. Just before they were taken to the airplane, one of them told the SOH: “We are about to be deported back to Taiwan. We had said everything we could think of. Basically, it is very urgent for the police to find back their consciousness. It was comparatively peaceful. Just a moment ago, we saw several practitioners had been carried out. Our group of people had refused to offer them our passport number, so until now we haven't got our air tickets. We are still waiting. They used over a hundred police to deal with us. We even don't know where our luggage is at this moment. We only have some personal belongings with us, but totally no idea where our luggage is. In short, we basically have no way to express our wills at all.”