Home Staging Secrets: Less is More

When staging a home, it’s important to avoid the “more is more” mentality!

Too often, clutter is the problem that stands in the way of attracting buyers. Obviously, it’s important to eliminate as much clutter as possible and find a home for every item. But even items that are meant to be decorative can often cause visual clutter! This is why the better route is to go for a clean and simple look.

This dining room for example, was full of unnecessary objects:

dining before

We love the concept of built-in open shelving, but it’s important to put items there sparingly. in this case, there were just way too many candles, vases and other knickknacks that were causing a cluttered appearance. The table was cluttered as well – never use your dining table for storage when showing your home to buyers!

To spruce up this dining room, we had to do a major overhaul and remove a lot of items.

dining after

Photo Credit: Cathy Hobbs. Designed by a Cathy Hobbs Home Staging Class

By removing clutter and adding a few well-placed items, such as the centerpiece on the table, we took this dining room from cluttered to clean!

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