Home Staging Secrets: Keep It Clean & Simple

When staging a home to sell, it IS possible for your decor to be both simple and stylish! Simplicity is important so that your home will appeal to the maximum number of buyers, but there are also many ways to keep it stylish without overdoing it.

This bedroom in San Diego, for example, was far too cluttered! There was definitely an attempt to accessorize and add some color to the room, but there wasn’t any order to it and the teal hue was overwhelming.


When we staged this room, we made several changes. The first thing that had to go was the blue bedspread – we replaced it with a soft white one. We did, however, want to keep a pop of color in the room so we kept some of the bright toss pillows on the bed, and placed two of them on the side chairs to evenly distribute the bright hue around the room and create some balance.

Because it’s important not to over-accessorize, we removed the majority of the small pictures, books and other knickknacks that were on display. By doing so, the room instantly looked more clean and orderly, which is imperative when you’re showing your home to buyers!


Photo Credits: Cathy Hobbs. Staged by a Cathy Hobbs Home Staging Class

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