Hiker Claims Bear Saved Him From Lion Attack

March 28, 2012 Updated: July 16, 2012

A hiker in Northern California claimed he was attacked by a mountain lion only to be saved by a bear.

Robert Biggs, 69, told the Paradise Post that he was watching a mother bear and cubs from a distance when a mountain lion pounced on him. He hit the lion in the head with a rock pick but it didn’t let go of him.

“They usually grab hold of your head with all four paws, but my backpack was up above my head and (the mountain lion) grabbed it instead,” Biggs told the Paradise Post. “It must have been stalking the little bear, but it was on me in seconds.”

The bear then attacked the lion and wrestled with it for around 15 seconds before the cat ran away. Biggs was bitten and scratched, but was mostly uninjured in the incident.

He added that bears are “pretty territorial.”