Here’s How OJ Simpson Spent His First Day Out of Jail

October 4, 2017 Updated: October 5, 2017

Convicted felon OJ Simpson spent his first full day of freedom playing golf, playing on an iPhone, and meeting his daughter Arnelle, Daily Mail reported.

Simpson, 70, was released from the Lovelock Correctional Facility on Sunday, Oct.1, after serving 9 years in prison for an attempted armed robbery.

The former professional football player had $400,000 waiting for him that had accumulated from his NFL pension. He moved into his temporary residence in Las Vegas which is equipped with a pool and a putting green.

Simpson spent most of Monday practicing golf putts on the green beside his home. He wore a white Titleist golf visor, blue mesh shorts and a pair of white orthopedic sneakers.

During a break from golf, he was photographed sitting in a lounge chair beside the pool fiddling with what looked like a new iPhone. Simson’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, said that the device was the one thing his client desired most while in prison.

Later in the day, Simpson met with his daughter Arnelle. The two sat beside each other while Arnelle showed Simpson something on her iPhone, possibly a tutorial. Simpson went to jail in 2007, just months after the first iPhone was released.

Simpson has plans to move to Tampa, Florida, closer to the children he had with Nicole Brown: Sydney and Justin. That move is on hold until a parole officer approves Simpson’s relocation to another state.

According to multiple people close to Simpson, he plans to spend the first few weeks of freedom on his three favorite things: family, friends, and golf.

Simpson’s departure from jail was carefully planned. A decoy van drove on the main street, while Simpson and his friend Tom Scotto drove off on an unmarked dirt road. A cameraman caught up with the duo’s white SUV at a gas station.

Simpson sat in the back seat, still in his preferred prison outfit: jeans, jean shirt, and white sneakers. When asked how it feels to be free, he said, “I been in a car for the last five hours, so how do I know how it feels to be out?”

“Man, how in the world? Have y’all been stalking me. I been in nowhere USA for the last nine years doing nothing. Nothing has changed in my life! What do you guys. I mean, what do you guys expect? There’s nothing changed,” he added. “God bless, take care, you guys! Nothing’s changed!”

Simpson had five boxes of belongings in the car from his nearly decade-long stint in prison.

Also on Sunday, Simpson went to a McDonald’s restaurant according to his lawyer.

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