‘He Is Another Hitler:’ Anne Frank’s 86-Year-Old Stepsister Compares Donald Trump to Nazi Dictator

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
January 28, 2016 Updated: January 28, 2016

Anne Frank’s stepsister has become the latest notable figure to compare Donald Trump to Hitler.

Eva Schloss, 86, who survived the Auschwitz camp, said in an interview to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day that she sees terrifying parallels between Trump and the Nazi dictator. 

“If Donald Trump become[s] the next president of the US it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism,” she told Newsweek.

Schloss, whose mother Fritzi married Anne’s father Otto Frank, currently lives in London.

---A red rose and a photo of Anne Frank lay at a memorial stone of Jewish sisters Margot and Anne Frank at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial, northern Germany, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007. Over 70,000 people died in the camp up to 1945. Also Margot and Anne, who's diary is well known around the world.(AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach)
The site of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial where Anne Frank and her sister Margot were killed in Germany. (AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach)

Schloss also took aim at the United States for not taking in more Syrian refugees, comparing her own current crisis to her own experience during the Holocaust. 

Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigrants and has also proposed expanding the wall along the Mexico-U.S. border. 

“If countries as big as the U.S. and Canada would take in more people, then we would get much closer to a solution,” Schloss said.

“The situation today is worse than it was under Hitler because at that time all the Allies—the U.S., Russia and Britain—worked together to combat the terrible threat of Nazisim. If we don’t work together, the world will never be able to resolve the threats it faces today.”