GTA Online V Heists Update: Delayed by Rockstar, While ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ has ‘Not a Hipster’ Event

“Grand Theft Auto V” Heists was supposed to come sometime in the spring, but it’s now officially summer.

Rockstar, who released the “I’m Not a Hipster” update a few days ago, took the time this week to talk about the Heists patch delay.

In a blog post this week, the firm wrote “we have lots more in store coming your way soon.”

“We know many fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Online Heists that we had planned to release for you this spring, and they are taking more time to create than originally anticipated. We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can,” the company added.

Rockstar attempted to ease the frustration of some “GTA Online” players, saying “please know that we are focused as always on making the best possible content for you.”

“Stay tuned for more information on that as well as lots of other ongoing content updates, enhancements and additions to the world of GTA Online that are on the way.
Online heists were originally touted as one of the most important elements of GTA Online but have never been implemented, and now seem further away than ever,” it added.

Rockstar did not say when the Heists update would be released.

However, the company two weeks ago said it would release its mega-popular game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

This weekend, the “I’m Not a Hipster” event is being held.

“All roads lead to Los Santos this weekend, Friday June 20th through Sunday June 22nd, for an entirely unpretentious festival of huge in-game rewards, exclusive unlocks, ways to amass lots of bonus GTA$ and RP, special giveaways, competitions, live-streams and more as part of the official GTA Online ‘I’m Not a Hipster’ Event Weekend,” Rockstar said.

The company also made reference to “gentrification.”

“Gentrification has its critics and recently the Mirror Park, Chumash and East Vinewood areas have been teeming with unsavory characters who have taken umbrage against anyone wearing too-tight jeans. Three new Gang Attacks are now available to play in these areas and exclusively during the event weekend, they will yield 3X RP for each enemy kill as well as a 4X GTA$ bonus inside Gang Attack Crates upon completion. Consider it just rewards for protecting your right to individualism,” reads a press release.