Grounded Girl Has to Earn 500 Points Via Doing Chores to Get Un-Grounded

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

A mom has come up with a grounding system in which her daughter has to earn 500 points via doing chores.

The system was posted on Reddit and Imgur, and it includes a list of chores.

“Congratulations, you got GROUNDED!” it says.

What follows is a list of chores that include taking out the garbage, doing laundry, sweeping, mopping, and other chores worth different amounts of points.


But one person on Reddit came up with a strategy, which suggests that doing laundry is the best choice:

Start washing laundry.
During wash, three cupboards (150pts – 30 minutes).
Start drying laundry.
During drying, three more cupboards (if available – 150pts – 30 minutes), clean toilet (50pts – 10 minutes), clean/wash table (25pts – 5 minutes), and clean/wash chairs (25pts – 5 minutes).
Fold laundry (Laundry – 100pts – 15 minutes extra).
And there, 500 points in less than two hours.
If there aren’t enough cupboards OR if you want more choices, then cleaning counters (25pts – 5min), empty dishwasher (25pts – 5min), water plants (25pts – 5min) are all reasonable.

Not everyone agreed with the strategy.

“I disagree with using typical household chores as a way to get out of being punished … those should be regular chores that the kid earns allowance for,” one person wrote, per MailOnline.

“That’s not called being grounded that is called chores that should be done anyway,” wrote another.