Google Maps, Street View: iOS Upgrade Now Flags Faster Routes

February 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Google Maps in the latest upgrade for iOS on the iPhone and iPad makes it easier to find faster routes.

Traffic conditions monitored in real time enable the app to determine when alternative route(s) could get you to your destination faster, reported Tech News World.

The app will in that case notify you of the route and offer the option of changing the route.

The app previously didn’t monitor possible alternative routes after the driver chose the route out of the original options.

Google has also incorporated tech from Waze, which it purchased last year. 

“Waze is a premiere navigation product and as its features are brought into Google Maps, it will improve that product significantly,”  Rob Enderle, an analyst, told TNW. “That will make it hard for Apple or anyone else to keep up.”

Waze includes crowdsources traffic reports.

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