Georgeann Dau Finds Validation of Her Way of Life at Shen Yun

January 22, 2018

“I love it. I think besides being colorful, it’s quite dramatic. And it has a wonderful educational piece to it. I didn’t really understand the Chinese culture and it’s really so unfortunate that this incredible art form is not allowed in China. It’s really very very sad to hear that.”

“In the first [half] I was very moved by the color and the unbelievable articulation and depth of commitment to the work in order for them to perform the way they did.”

“In the second hand, I was very moved by the spiritual message. I got in touch with the depth of emotion each of the performers had to have in order to convey the depth of feeling that I was responding to while they were on stage. It was very moving, and their messages were universal. ”

“It really is life changing.”

“It’s validation of the way I try to live my life, and to see that it’s a message for all of us to be committed to a bigger picture than self.”

“I really saw how we are all one. What they were showing in emotion on stage, they were showing every emotion of humanity, they were showing passion, they were showing tears, they were showing sadness, they were showing joy, they were showing play—everything was just perfectly done.”

“There is a greater force that’s really guiding us all, thank you so much, thank you, it’s beautiful.”