Garage Storage Solutions: How to fit an Entire Car in Your Garage

By Darla Grant-Braid
Darla Grant-Braid
Darla Grant-Braid
April 14, 2016 Updated: April 17, 2016

We heard the most unbelievable urban legend today. Apparently, a long time ago, people actually used to put their cars inside of garages, instead of just parking them on the driveway in front. Can you believe it? In fact, rumor has it that some people still manage the feat in this day and age.

 Frankly, we didn’t believe it at first, because where do people put all of their stuff with an entire car (or even two cars!) in there? It seems impossible. However, after further investigation, we have determined that it really is possible to park your car in the garage. Here’s how.


The unfortunate truth about garages is that they usually end up being a dumping ground for things that we don’t want cluttering up the house. This can mean boxes of old files, sports equipment, disused outdoor toys, tools, old or broken lamps, and so much more.

The best way to declutter your garage is to first designate three spots on your grass or in the driveway where things can be placed. These spots should be for three types of things: Things to get rid of, things to keep, and things to donate. Then, pull everything out of the garage and add them to the appropriate pile.

You will need to be very practical about what you keep, and possibly very ruthless about what you get rid of. Remember, save the memories, not the clutter.

Garage Storage Solutions

Once you’ve dealt with the things that you’re giving away or throwing away, you’re going to need to figure out how to store all that remains (which hopefully is much less than you had in the garage before). Before you start putting things back in, be sure to have your garage storage solutions in place.

Hang Around

The route that most homeowners take when trying to tidy up the garage is to go with wall-mounted garage organization systems. This is because you will have the most success when you can get as much as possible up off of the floor.

 You can use everything from a pegboard and hooks, to cabinetry and shelving systems and plastic storage bins. We have even seen posts on Pinterest that show bits of PVC pipes and even pallets to keep garages in order.

Go Up

There are many stores and professional garage organization specialists that sell ceiling-mounted organization systems as well. These systems often allow you to store bins, bicycles, wood and other large items on shelves or suspended from hanging systems. However, be certain that these systems are very well secured. You wouldn’t want anything to fall onto your car, or worse.

Get a Shed

Sometimes, no matter how much you give away or get up off of the ground in your garage, you still have some large items that need a place to live. This is where a storage shed comes in handy.

You can take your lawnmower, wheelbarrow and snow blower out of your car’s parking space and give them their own home in the backyard or along the side of your house.

After it’s all said and done—your clutter has been organized, and your yard work tools have found a new home in your shed, you will be able to experience the pleasure of being able to park your car in the garage. Better than that, when the winter weather rolls around again, you will be able to start your days without scrapping snow off of your windshield.

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