Gao Zhisheng: 'I Will Fight for my Family's Living Rights'

By Gao Ling, Epoch Times
April 7, 2007 Updated: April 7, 2007

With the help of Hu Jia, a Beijing human rights activist, we once again heard from renowned mainland China human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng.

Since Gao was secretly arrested by the Chinese communist regime on August 15, 2006, the outside world was not able to get any news of the Gao family. People were not allowed to visit them, and all visitors were monitored, investigated, warned and threatened.

We only got some news of Gao from Hu Jia, who is also being monitored 24×7 and who is going to be a father soon.

On April 6, at 1:25p.m., attorney Gao Zhisheng finally managed to call Hu Jia, who then immediately released the contents of the phone call to the world without hesitation. So, for the first time since last August, the outside world heard from Gao.

In the conversation, Attorney Gao talked about what he has been experiencing since his detention: torture, brainwashing, threatening, slandering and the bullying of his family.

Although this telephone conversation only provides parts of his experiences, we can tell that Gao Zhisheng has not changed. He is frank, clear and righteous as he has always been.

When talking about his family, he said: “I will fight hard for my family. I do not mind being jailed again, if that could improve the living condition of my family and my children…”

One hour after his conversation with Hu Jia, attorney Gao's phone line was once again disconnected. Many of his friends tried to contact him, but failed to get hold of him.

We do not know the current situation of attorney Gao and his family.

Telephone Script of Attorney Gao and Hu Jia

Hu: Attorney Gao, Attorney Gao.

Gao: How is your health condition?

Hu: I am fine. I just came back from Hong Kong.

Gao: Did you have another examination?

Hu: Yes and the results are good – it did not get worse.

Gao: So it did not get worse?

Hu: No worries, it did not get better; neither did it get worse. I think it is quite good with the fact that I am so busy.

Gao: My whole family is like under a cover.

Hu: I know.

Gao: I heard that there are a lot of rumors out there.

Hu: Yes.

Gao: It seems that suddenly our family is to be blamed.

Hu: There are a lot of rumors and slanders about you. I think many people might have a misunderstanding about you. They ignored that fact that you and your family are being persecuted, but focus on whether you gave in or whether you betrayed other people. I think this is really a pity.

Gao: Only those who rely on the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) think like this. Who did I betray? Which group of people can I betray? Everything I do is public. How did I betray?

Hu: I agree.

Gao: There is nothing to hide about me and no one was arrested because of me. But many people accepted this way of thinking.

Hu: I understand. Now I know some of the overall situation. Your whole family is still monitored by them.

Gao: I think the CCP evil force knows me better than those who are blaming me. The CCP knows what kind of person I am.

Hu: Yes. I know that you were tortured and your legs were injured.

Gao: I wrote you several times, but I could not send you the letters.

Hu: I understand.

Gao: I could not call anyone outside.

Hu: I know, I know.

Gao: What can I do. My family will be pushed to death if it continued to be like this.

Hu: I understand…the key thing is to give a peaceful environment to your wife and Gege (Gao's daughter) and Tianyu (gao's son).

Gao: Where can they get a peaceful environment?

Hu: I know. Please do not worry; I will try my best to work on this.

Gao: This is really the pain. If I offended the CCP by telling the truth, then what have my wife and my children done?! My two poor children! The whole world should know what is happening at the door of my family. But the criticisms only focus on whom we betrayed. This is nonsense. Whom can we betray?

Hu: This is sad.

Gao: I am only complaining a little here, but I won't hold a grudge. We know what kind of people we are. We are clear about our personality and our soul. We need to fight for ourselves, right? We do not want to be spiritually suppressed.

Hu: We won't allow them to do that.

Gao: They either put me into prison, or made my family as a prison and let my whole family suffer.

Hu: I understand. Attorney Gao, how many people are outside your home now – in the corridor and in the white house?

Gao: Over one hundred in total.

Hu: Over one hundred?

Gao: Over one hundred every day, around the place.

Hu: You mean including those people walking around this neighborhood as well?

Gao: Yes, yes. They even set up stands to sell fruits and vegetables. At night there are more than ten vehicles parked here.

Hu: I see, I see…

Gao: We can never understand their way of thinking and I do not know what they want to do.

Hu: I see. Was it true that you were tied up to a chair for hundreds of hours when you were detained?

Gao: It was a total of nearly 590 hours, well over 580 hours.

Hu: For days!

Gao: The longest time was 109 hours.

Hu: Continuously?

Gao: Yes.

Hu: I see, I see. There is a letter of regret by you dated November 29 spreading around, saying that you want to separate from the outside world.

Gao: Hu Jia, this is on a piece of paper. But not many people, except those like you who really care about me, know the facts behind the paper.

Hu: I understand now.

Gao: This so-called public announcement exchanged for 5,000 yuan (US$600) for my children and my wife to live on. This amount of money was originally my legal income. Since the beginning they have targeted my children, my wife and my family members in my hometown. My older brother was also under house arrest for four months. They want to push me to death. They said that they would do anything to deal with me.

Hu: I see… Attorney Gao, can I tell the outside world your situation?

Gao: Yes. But I worry about your health. Now you actually undertake my burden. Others might not want to take this pressure now.

Hu: No worry. I do what I should. I do not think about what will happen to me; otherwise I would not have taken this path.

Gao: I wrote a third letter to you. Do you have time to record it? You do not have time to type even if I read it to you, right?

Hu: You can read it to me.

Gao: It is a little long.

Hu: Please read it as long as the phone is connected.

Gao: I will then read it.

Hu: OK.

NOTE: The contents of the letter will be published in another article shortly.

Hu: You really have suffered a lot.

Gao: I do not care about what has happened to me. I am sad about my children. Why did they become the target of the persecution at this age? The CCP now put me under house arrest to switch the attention from the international society. They wanted to create an image to the outside world that they have released me.

Hu: Yes. We also think so. Their real purpose is to fool the outside world to pay less attention to you. People would think that you are at home. This is what the police meant about the “win-win” situation.

Gao: Who is also involved in the win-win situation? Me?

Hu: I am afraid not.

Gao: Hu Jia, do you think what happened to me is a win?

Hu: Do not sigh in despair. I guess they must have thought it over and decided which way was the best for them.

Gao: Yes. Up to December 13, I was still told that I would face a sentence of six-years in prison. However, during the hearing on December 22 the prosecutor presented new evidence. It turned out that the Beijing Public Security Bureau identified that Gao Zhisheng had made great contributions in revealing the crimes committed by Fan Yanfeng, Teng Biao, Qi Zhiyong and others. Thus the Public Security Bureau of Beijing appreciated my contribution.

The fact is that they needed to release me, but they had to defame me before they did it. The key point is that people need to be able to think clearly.

Hu: I see. I see.

Gao: I do not know what to say now. Do you have Gao Jie's phone number?

Hu: Let me see.

Gao: I found out that I can make calls today. But I do not know what to say…

Hu: I understand your situation. You are very lonely. Your neighbors moved out. And I know Gege failed to study well. You should hire a tutor to teach her at home. But it is impossible.

Gao: A tutor can not come in my home.

Hu: That's true. Gege's grades are not good. She was totally distracted by thoughts of how to rescue her father last year, not to mention the trauma she got from the policemen physically and mentally. The policemen even beat her. She was held up and thrown to the ground. This was witnessed by her classmates. Someone told me over the phone. This is too much for a young girl. At that time, I was under house arrest by the policemen. What hurt me most is that I couldn't do anything to prevent the police from bullying women and children.

Gao: Hu Jia, I think if we still live in China…they might kill us one day.

Hu: Let them do it. Since many of my friends were unjustly put into prison, I am ready for that every second.

Gao: I think I have to prepare for being put into prison again. I have been sentenced. So for me, I am mentally prepared.

I know I may have more trouble in the future. Because they have said that if I contacted the outside world, they will… But for me, I seek to contact the outside world everyday.

Hu: I see. I see. I know. But right now, I do not have their phone numbers at hand. But I will try to call them. I am not sure I can reach them within a few hours. I will tell the world what I heard today and let everybody know about your situation.

Gao: The sooner, the better. Ok. Thank you. Goodbye.

Hu: I know. Goodbye. Thanks.

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