Gao Condemns CCP's “Right to Survive”

March 8, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 8, 2006 12:00 am

Today is also the 19th day since Ouyang Xiaorong was kidnapped by the communist authorities, the wild communist regime is endlessly operating like a criminal.

After hearing the news that I had been taken away by Beijing police, Attorney Wang, a young man with a conscience from Shandong province, rushed to Beijing during the night to request my release. When he discovered that I had already been safely released, this brave young man became too excited and asked to meet with me personally. I told him how dangerous the meeting could be, but he replied that being arrested did not count as a real danger, and that he should have the opportunity to see how many people the regime could lock in a prison. Shortly after our meeting, he was kidnapped by the secret police and detained at the Beijing Railway Police Station. I did not go to the Police Station immediately upon hearing about his arrest yesterday (March 5), because it was Sunday Service, and I knew that those who recently visited me were usually illegally detained for 3 to 12 hours, before being released.

This morning (March 6), I still could not contact attorney Wang on his mobile phone, so I decided to go to the Beijing Railway Police Station to request his release. At 8:43 a.m. I left home, leaving my notebook and other things, including my mobile phone at home. This time, I took the bus to the Beijing Railway Station, and nearly 30 secret police squeezed onto the same bus with me. This is my first experience of travelling together with secret police on the bus. It surprised all the other passengers, because without exception, all those strong men (secret police) veiled their faces like Arab women. Many passengers said to each other, “Is it a special day today? Such a warm day, it is even warm enough for children and elderly, why do they cover their faces?” But during the entire trip, they could not discover why the police veiled their faces.

Around 11:40 a.m., I became aware that attorney Wang had been released and I returned to home with the troop of veiled men. When I walked into my apartment building to get my mobile, three secret police (two of which had been stationed outside of my home for over one hundred days) stood on the stairs just two steps away from my door, and looked at me like gangsters with a clear intention of provocation. To me, this has been part of my life for a long time. Just as I unlocked the door and started to enter my own house, the three gangsters rushed to my door and tried to burst into my house. To my surprise, my wife did much better than I, before I realized what had happened, she shouted out very loudly, “Shameless” and rushed to the door, pushing the three secret police out of the doorway. She was so strong, that even I was pushed nearly to the floor. The three secret police were so shocked and scared, my wife even chased them to the ground floor, and they, who looked fearless only moments ago, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In recent days, it looks like the communist regime has tried very hard to find ways to disturb and threaten my family. Everyday, they come out with new things, but all their tactics have one thing in common, all they do is extremely unlawful and unscrupulous. It is recognized worldwide that a private house should not be invaded, but this value has never been respected by this gangster government, although it was written in the Chinese Constitution long ago. My whole family is strongly against the violence perpetrated by the communist spies, who have thrown away their basic human sense of dignity. Such condemnable behavior shows that some people inside the communist regime have no bottom line in their persecution of my whole family, they even attempted to break into my private house to carry on their gangster threats.

What pains my heart more is, on the way to my office to continue my hungry strike today, six secret agents who kept roguishly bumping into me with their bodies, surrounded me in a parking lot. After a few minutes, they totally surrounded me and started a most unimaginable thing. They went so far as to shout out loudly together, “One, two, three, F… your mother! One, two, three, F… your mother!” And this lasted for about seven minutes. Though I had managed to maintain a cool head and just reasoned with them rationally, the pain I suffered in my heart was beyond imagination. Today was actually the anniversary of my mother's death. I asked them, “You are all very young. Yet don't you have any basic judgment regarding what you are saying? This kind of action has become part of your work. Is this right?” But they just ignored me and continued their shouting.

I also learned today that four more persons, who intended to visit me from different regions of the country, were illegally arrested today.

At noon, a journalist from the Japanese Sankei Shimbun Co. came to visit me. He was forcefully taken to the police van by the police surrounding my office. The police told this journalist, “According to orders from the Public Security Bureau in Beijing, all foreign media outlets must obtain permission from the Public Security Bureau, before they can interview Gao Zhisheng.”

At 4:00 p.m., my business partner, lawyer Wang Xinguo, was illegally abducted by the Public Security Bureau in Beijing, when he was entering the office. He had just come back from Xinjing province and was about to enter his own office. The police did not serve him with any legal documents. They illegally interrogated him for 12 hours. They used different people to interrogate him in turn and tortured him through the entire night.

Wang Xinguo doesn't have a house of his own in Beijing. He had been living in the office. No matter how he tried to appeal, those inhumane police just repeated to him, “Either you leave Gao Zhisheng, or we will fix you. There is nothing to be discussed.” After being released from the Xiaoguan police station, lawyer Wang had nowhere to go.

The human rights standard set up for the Chinese people by the CCP is the most shameful standard in the entire world. They call this standard “the right to survive.” It shows that in China, people's mere survival has become a favor that must be vouchsafed by the CCP. And such a pitiable right is usually violated arbitrarily and savagely by the CCP. Recently, some people inside the regime have reached the extreme bounds of unreasonable violence. They are using the most shameful methods in the human world to deprive my family's right to survive. People with common sense can hardly understand what is happening. Even if my whole family starved to death tomorrow, would the Chinese people's voices exposing the evil of the CCP and telling the truth stop? Absolutely not! Most of their behavior is beyond comprehension. Just like today, when those young secret agents surrounded me and cursed me, an elderly Beijing resident asked them loudly, “What are you doing here? Don't you also have your own mother? What's the purpose of your doing this? What's the benefit?” After his words, those agents just quickly disappeared!

Human society, please remember, that such a system once existed in human history. Let's remember it, so it doesn't happen again.

March 6, 2006, in my office in Beijing, surrounded by spies and gangsters.