Fourth-Grader’s Christmas Wishlist Leaves Politician Stunned

December 6, 2017 Updated: December 6, 2017

It is not uncommon for children to write long detailed wish lists for Christmas filled with the latest toys, gadgets, and tech. But what this fourth-grade student wrote on his list left a local politician completely floored.

New Orleans City Councilman-elect Jay Banks said the wish list was “one of the most frustrating things” he had ever seen, according to a Facebook post.

On the young student’s wish list were only two requests—”new shoes” and a “happier life.”

Banks said it was heart-wrenching to see a fourth-grader ask for a happier life. “Put this in context, a fourth-grade child has the opportunity to ask for what he wants for Christmas and this is what he asks for,” Banks said in his Facebook post.

“A new bike, an Xbox, other toys or a multitude of other things would not have surprised nor alarmed me but for a 4th grader to ask for a happier life is heart-wrenching,” he added.

The politician said he doesn’t remember much about being a fourth-grade student but said he certainly was not wishing for a happier life.

“My thoughts are: what is this child going through; how many other children like him are going through the same things; how can I help; why did I pull this one?”, Banks said.

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The wishlist was randomly selected from a local Angel Tree annual program by Dryades YMCA. Counselors and teachers at James Singleton Charter School write down the children’s wishes for Christmas and ask community members to donate what they can to help make the children’s holiday wishes come true, reported WGNTV.

Banks said he was “perplexed” at the request and is unsure about what to do. His Facebook post drew more than a hundred comments from people offering suggestions and their support for the student.

“My heart is breaking. Things don’t always make for happier lives. He needs a mentor to tell him he is important, special and loved. We miss the boat so many times. If he wants shoes, get the shoes but what he needs is you! You’re his blessing Jay!”, said one comment.

“[L]ooking at his clothes size requirements, I’m wondering if he’s being bullied because he’s a Big Boy. I’d want to meet him, show him some Love and grant him a day of Happiness!”, said another person.

“Friendship, mentorship, a listening ear, and guidance. I see it every day,” another person suggested.

Hopefully, this politician is able to do something nice for this fourth-grade student this holiday season.



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