Following Mass Protests in Weng'an, Many Chinese Renounce the CCP

July 6, 2008 Updated: July 6, 2008

In the wake of bitter unrest in Weng'an County, Guizhou Province, a large number of people in mainland China quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on July 1—the CCP's birthday. The Weng'an protest on June 28 had over 10,000 people—furious over an apparent cover up of a 15-year old girl's death by local authorities—surround local government buildings. The protest was violently put down by armed police.

In response to these events “A special day to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party” was initiated by the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP. Many people said that they could not bear to CCP's violent suppression of the Weng'an people and thus wanted to withdraw from the evil party.

One Weng'an resident, knowing of the special call by the service center and of the almost 40 million people who have already withdrawn from the CCP, stated on July 1 that he would quit the CCP's Young Pioneers. He said that what happened in Weng'an was unbearable and people are rising one after another against the CCP's tyranny.

He said, “A young girl was murdered. The government said she committed suicide. This made people very angry. The police used tear-gas grenade and caused the chaos. Then government buildings and the Public Security Bureau were burned.” He also pointed out that the local government colludes with criminal syndicates to engage in all manner of criminal activities, but no media dares to tell the truth. People seeking justice were suppressed with force by armed police. Now the armed police are everywhere. He said he could hold out no hope for this evil party.

“You can see disorders all the time. Killing happens everywhere. There are many crime syndicates. Media reports are only interested in saving the government's face, but not the truth,” added he.

Guizhou resident, Miss Zhang, went beyond just quitting the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League herself. She decided to help more than 20 relatives and friends withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations. She said that the CCP suppressed Weng'an people, and many good people like Falun Gong practitioners and Christians of family churches [who attend non-registered churches] have long been persecuted. As such, many people want to quit this evil party.

Miss Zhang said, “Not only me, all my relatives have agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I have helped more than 20 people quit the CCP. They all understand how evil the CCP is. We have no civil rights, no democracy and no freedom of faith. We really are living in an abyss of misery.” [Taken from recording]