Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Marcos Maidana Says Money Fights ‘Dirty’

Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming opponent, Marcos Maidana, says that “Money” fights dirty.

Mayweather has accused Maidana of Argentina of using dirty tactics during their fight in May, which Mayweather won.

Now Maidana has addressed the criticism in a video interview with Fight Hype.

“Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am dirty. But look, if I’m dirty, he’s also dirty,” Maidana said through a translator. “I’m gonna do whatever he does to me.”

While Maidana lost to Mayweather in May, some boxing fans believed that Maidana should have won the decision, prompting the rematch set for September.

Maidana specified how he believes that Mayweather fights dirty.

“He’s dirty. When he fights, he uses the elbows,” he said. “He does that with a lot of opponents, but they don’t reciprocate it, so I did it. In this fight, I did it, and I gave it back to him.”

And Maidana also said that Mayweather is “not as good as people think.”

“I was able to pin him to the ropes and throw a lot of punches, so he’s not as difficult as people think, or invincible. He’s actually hittable,” he said.

“That’s the thing that people don’t realize. You can land on him. I made mistakes, I was a little too anxious, but I’m working on correcting them. You can actually land punches on him.”

Maidana concluded that Mayweather is still a good fighter, though.

“But he’s got a respectable punch,” he said. “You gotta respect him.”

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