Florida Prison Lockdown Lifted: Reports

August 22, 2017 Updated: August 23, 2017

All of Florida’s 148 prison facilities have returned to normal operations after a several-day-long lockdown and cancellation of visitation.

The Florida Department of Corrections announced Monday that the lockdown was lifted, The Associated Press reported. Last week, it said that the lockdown and cancellation of visitation on Saturday and Sunday were due to an unspecified threat of violence.

Officers seized cellphones and weapons in searches of prison dorms and cells, the Miami Herald reported.

The Department of Corrections had said there was “credible intelligence” that inmates were planning “disruptions.”

Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones told the Herald in a statement, “We made a planned, strategic decision to take proactive action to uphold our mission to protect public safety and keep our staff and inmates safe. I am confident the measures taken were not only necessary but effective.”

Police Benevolent Association president John Rivera had told CBS News that “it’s almost like we’re in hurricane mode,” saying that officials have gone “corner to corner of every prison to do shakedowns.”

The state prison system currently houses 97,521 inmates—as of March 31, 2016—according to the FDC’s website.

According to the Palm Beach Post, prison guards were injured on June 21 at the Gulf Correctional Institution, about 25 miles east of Panama City, during an uprising.