Fix Small Leaks to Avoid Large Problems


A slow drip or leak may seem like a minor issue in your home that is easily fixed with plumber’s tape, or a bucket to catch the drip. However, often these small plumbing issues can quickly grow into large and expensive repairs. Once a leak forms, it will only grow until it is properly repaired says Dale of Scottos Plumbing in Clearwater, Florida. Before you choose to ignore a little issue with your plumbing, consider the larger problems that may occur.

Small Repair Versus Large Replacement

A small plumbing leak or drip in a pipe, toilet or sink faucet is an easy and affordable repair compared to the cost of allowing the problem to grow. While a drip or leak may be caused by a faulty gasket or washer left unchecked, it can cause further damage to the surrounding pipes. Calling in a plumber at the first sign of a problem will most likely be less expensive than waiting until the problem becomes larger.

Drips Can Lead To Expensive Water Bills

Even a dripping pipe or faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water per month, leading to larger water bills. In addition to the expense, this is a waste of one of the most valuable resources on our planet: water. Stopping a water leak as soon as possible is good for your wallet, as well as being good for the environment.

Avoid Destructive Water Damage

It can only take a moment for a small leak to expand into a gushing water pipe. Any small leak can quickly burst a pipe and cause thousands of dollars in water damage to your home in a matter of minutes. On top of damaged walls and floors from moisture, your home can become vulnerable to dangerous mold that is a serious health hazard.

The best solution is to have any drip or leak fixed as soon as it is discovered, before it becomes a bigger problem. Your local plumber can get the issue fixed quickly, preventing further problems that can cost substantially more money than a simple plumber repair visit.