Ferguson Protesters Try to Storm St. Louis Police Headquarters with ‘Eviction Notice’: Reports

December 31, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Protesters angry over the verdict over the Michael Brown killing attempted to storm the police headquarters in downtown St. Louis, according to reports on Wednesday.

The protesters said they were trying to “reclaim” the department for residents of Ferguson.

Fox-2 reported that about 15 people entered the police headquarters’ lobby at around 10 a.m. local time and read from a list demanding.

“We are informing you that the police department is scheduled to be reclaimed by its citizens today, December 31, 2014,” the said the notice, adding about “transforming the police force into a militarized occupying force.”

Users on Twitter posted photos and videos of the confrontation. Some people apparently were pepper sprayed by police.

Fox reported four females and one male were arrested. They were charged with Trespassing and Peace Disturbance.

About 75 protesters in total were involved in the sit-in and attempt to storm the department.

According to KMBC:

Protesters posted an “eviction notice” on the door of the police station, citing reasons why Chief Sam Dotson and others should be removed. When several tried to enter the building, officers blocking them eventually used pepper spray to push the crowd out.

Protesters say they wanted to occupy the building for more than four hours, representing the time Michael Brown’s body was in the street after he was fatally shot by a Ferguson officer on Aug. 9.