Fantastic All-in-One Security App for Your Credit Cards, Passwords and More (Video)

It seems like reports of major security breaches hit the news on a weekly basis these days
By Zach Epstein
Zach Epstein
Zach Epstein
November 5, 2014 Updated: November 5, 2014

It seems like reports of major security breaches hit the news on a weekly basis these days. As our digital world continues to expand and more things are done online, an increase in the volume of security breaches is inevitable.

To compound matters, it’s not just big firms that are targets. As malware continues to get more complex, hackers target individuals with attacks that are shockingly sophisticated and difficult to defend.

Of course, there are ways to fight back against hackers who lurk around every virtual corner of the Internet.

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As cyberattacks, digital breaches and malware grow more common and capable, a wide variety of security solutions have popped up. Beyond typical anti-virus and anti-malware software, companies now offer apps that block tracking in web browsers, apps that create complex unique passwords to protect logins, apps that offer enhanced security for online purchases, and plenty more.

Now, there’s one app that stuffs all of those great security features into one simple and elegant solution.

Security solutions developer Abine has created a terrific app called Blur that works with popular desktop web browsers as well as Android devices, iPhones and iPads. The solution includes four main security features in addition to a variety of features that enhance the user experience.

First and foremost, the app provides a fantastic password creation and management solution. Like 1password or LastPass, Blur can create complex unique passwords for every online service you use. And of course, the app syncs them across all your devices and logs you into websites automatically, so you won’t have to remember any of those complex passwords yourself.

Next, Blur offers an email masking system in addition to its password management solution. So, instead of just creating a unique password for every website, it also creates a unique email alias that will forward to your actual address.

Along the same lines, the app can create unique credit card numbers for each website you buy things on. This means that if one company suffers a breach, it won’t be a nightmare like it is when your actual credit card details are stolen.

Finally, Blur’s web browser extensions block sites from tracking you as you browse the web.

The solution includes a number of additional features such as form auto-fill, phone number masking and backup and sync. The free version omits some key features, and then a paid version with all functionality costs $39 for one year, $59 for two years or $79 for three years of service.

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