Family Uses Facebook to Find Good Samaritans Who Saved Their Lives After Crash

June 25, 2018 Updated: June 25, 2018

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A family from Stockton, California, experienced a frightening and life-threatening car crash last Friday, June 22.

Saved by good Samaritans, the Wenger family took to social media to look for the kind strangers, who had dragged the 25-year-old mother, Kayla Erdman-Wenger, out of the smashed car and stopped her from bleeding to death by wrapping her glass-cut arm.

The family was on their way to a relative’s house at about 5 p.m., when their car was hit by a vehicle that allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign, according to FOX 40.

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“I remember I was on my phone and I looked right up and I saw a car. And all of a sudden, just bam, just straight up, hit [us] really hard,” the husband said. He then immediately went to check on his 7-month-old son.

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(Screenshot/ FOX40)

That was when the good Samaritans appeared and pulled Erdman-Wenger out of the car and over to a nearby bus stop, where Erdman-Wenger’s wound was wrapped up.

“I know some people may not be spiritual, but I definitely am, and I think we had not one, not two, but definitely three, five, 10 angels, including the people around here, watching over us,” Erdman-Wenger said.

The car accident occurred on Erdman-Wenger’s 25th birthday.

In order to thank the good Samaritans and find out who they were, Erdman-Wenger wrote a Facebook post about the accident and the strangers’ kind acts. She received dozens of comments on the post and was eventually able to contact the good Samaritans, reported FOX 40.

“I’m alive today because of you guys helping me,” said Erdman-Wenger. “Our grandfather passed away about eight years ago and I honestly think our papa Sal was with us and riding in the car watching over us that day.”

The investigation of the crash is still ongoing by the Stockton police.

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