Shen Yun Is ‘Beyond Expectation,’ Says Veteran TV Executive

January 8, 2018

“We’ve been thinking about it for the last two years. We’ve seen the advertising and we thought we should check it out, but we haven’t, and now we have, and now we wonder why we waited so long. … We’re really quite dazzled by it.”

“Everything is beyond expectation. The performances, the dancing, are superb. The costumes are wonderful. The lighting, the use of the digital screen in a very unusual way—very inventive. It’s really, really remarkable.”

“All the dancers are so extraordinary. I think that the culture is amazing to be shared. … The stories are very entertaining, engrossing, and surprising.”

“The music [and] the orchestra are wonderful, and the arrangements are complicated and complex, which is really quite wonderful.”

“I would absolutely recommend the show.”