Jewel Shuffle



Jewel Shuffle Online

Jewel Shuffle isn't just a matching game for kids; it's also a fantastic choice for adults! Jewel games have long been a favorite in the free online match-3 genre. In this fresh version of the beloved bejeweled classic, swap adjacent jewels to unleash a cascade of riches. Enjoy a new twist on a formula you know and love.  

How To Play Jewel Shuffle

In Jewel Shuffle, score points by aligning three or more identical jewels horizontally or vertically. You can move jewels by dragging them to an adjacent space or by clicking the jewel and then the one you want to swap it with. Matching jewels disappear, and new ones fall into place, allowing for combo opportunities and longer matches that unlock powerful bonuses. Progress is shown on a top bar, with each fill advancing you to the next level and boosting your score multiplier. Just be mindful of your move count to avoid running out!