Engagement Rings The Beautiful Promise of Marriage

February 14, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

There is a belief according to which when two people wanted to get married, their auras were matched. There was no ring, no ceremonies and nothing to record their marital status. The priest matched auras to ensure that the two were harmonious with each other. Sounds weird? But that was how it was. Today, marriages have come a long way.

From lavish church weddings to the simple ‘I do’ – there are a number of things that mark a marriage. A ring has a special place in weddings. It is symbolic of many things. There can be different interpretations of ring exchange but the fact that remains is that it is an official declaration of being together. While some people give a lot of importance to wedding rings, some just count it as a part of the whole ceremony.


Wearing a wedding band is an incomparable emotion that holds a billion values within. Though it is known worldwide why the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is also known as the ring finger – the history is still not clear. Stories have it that the earliest recorded ring exchange took place in 4800 years ago in Egypt. The circular band in a wedding ring is symbolic of eternity. During the ancient times in Egypt, the wedding band was made of papyrus. The fiber twisted and molded into the circle of eternity.

Romans followed the Egyptian tradition though not in its pure fashion. The ring was not presented or offered to the woman but given to her as a mark of her being ‘owned’. The Roman men claimed the female as their wife by awarding her a ring. That said, the good thing about the wedding ring tradition travelling to Rome is that these were now being made out of iron. It is also believed that the Romans were the first of the lot to engrave their rings.

Wedding rings today hold more meaning than anything that they have stood for in the history. They symbolize togetherness, love, trust, companionship, beauty, style and status. Moreover, it is not just the jewelry that counts as the ‘ring’. Marriage is made up of different rings in itself. Each ring is a bond that the couples wear throughout.


While love is what begins marriages, it takes trust and commitment for sustaining a life-long relationship. Engagement rings are a reminder of all the promises that the couple makes on the wedding day. While you don’t need to buy the biggest and the most lavish diamond, buy a ring that your partner will always look at with a smile. To buy the perfect engagement ring is tough. You have to know what you are buying and why are you buying it, not something else.

The wedding ring is an investment – both from the perspective of money value and relationship value. The latter is the priority though most people superficially only chose a ring only based on its money value.


The first thing on your list should be to collect information like the ring size of your partner, the kind of metal he or she likes to wear and her or his preference in jewelry. You can take help from family members and friends to complete this step. Next would be to plan your own budget and then do some research on the types of engagement rings you can buy in that budget. Just keep in mind that you should not buy an engagement ring for the sake of buying one. It stands for a lot many little and big things.