Easter Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe: How Long to Cook? Safe to Eat?

April 5, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Hard boiled eggs are something many people use for Easter egg hunts. So, here’s how to make them:

– Put egg(s) in a pot with cold water

– Boil the water

– Submerge the eggs in cold water after boiling them. Then you can paint the eggs.

So, is it OK to eat the eggs after they’ve been dyed and left out? It depends.

Make sure the dye are vegetable dyes (most are). Some dyes are not, and you probably shouldn’t eat them.

Also, it’s best not to eat the eggs if they have not been refrigerated properly. “he danger zone for bacterial growth is 40°-140°F. After two hours, the bacterial count may be high enough to cause illness. Refrigerate the eggs after dyeing them. If you hide the eggs for a hunt, be sure the eggs get back into the fridge promptly,” says Shelflifeadvice.com.

And hard boiled eggs don’t keep as well as raw eggs. They have a shelf life in the fridge of about a week.