Earthquakes Today Near Puerto Rico: Quakes Hit North of Island

January 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Two earthquakes hit today near Puerto Rico, with one 35 miles north of Hatillo. 

That 6.5 magnitude quake was followed shortly by a 6.4 magnitude quake that was 60 miles north of Hatillo.

The closer one was also 36 miles north-northeast of Isabela, 37 miles north-northwest of Aercibo, and 42 miles north-northwest of Barceloneta.

That quake hit at a depth of 17.7 miles, while the other struck at a shallow depth, of  .6 miles (one kilometer).

Dozens of people reported fallen items in their home and feeling buildings sway in the capital of San Juan, about 59 miles (96 kilometers) from the quake’s epicenter, reported AP.

A warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center that there was a small possibility of “a local tsunami,” but Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency later said there was no tsunami warning and that no injuries have been reported.

Twitter users on the island reacted to the quakes. “A 6.4 earthquake just hit here in Puerto Rico,” said one. “How am I supposed to sleep tonight?” 

A resident in Mayaguez said that her bed shook. “I grabbed the kids and stuck them in a closet until it was over,” she said. “Not fun.”

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