Eagle, Wisconsin, Rocked by Storm

By Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
June 22, 2010 Updated: June 23, 2010

Eagle, Wisconsin, was hit hard by a storm, which also produced a tornado that damaged a large number of homes in the small town. There were minimal injuries from the two twisters that touched down. There were no known fatalities.

At least 100 homes were damaged by the storm that hit southern Wisconsin Monday night.

Twenty-five houses were completely destroyed by two separate tornadoes, according to The National Weather Service. During the storm, 9,000 citizens lost their power overnight.

One tornado was measured as a EF2 while the other was an EF1. Both tornadoes had winds winds more than 150 miles per hour, reported NBC 15.

“The damage from yesterday’s storms in the Village of Eagle and communities in southern Wisconsin is devastating,” said Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle in a statement.

A state of emergency was instated on Tuesday for Waukesha County. Doyle is scheduled to tour the southern part of the state that suffered severe damage from the storms.

“Despite the significant property damage that occurred, we are thankful that people made it through the storm safely, with no reported fatalities or serious injuries,” said Doyle.

Eagle, Wisconsin has an estimated population that is just over 1,800 people. The citizens in Eagle have come together to help each other through the clean up of the town.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has come together to help their neighbors and friends during this tough situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by these damaging storms,” said Doyle.

The historic site Old World Wisconsin is currently closed due to the aftermath of the storm while the Ramsey Barn and the Clausing Barn were both damaged by the severe weather, reported WRN.com.

Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz