Drudge Report Readers Choose Ted Cruz, Rand Paul in 2016 Presidential Poll

March 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Drudge Report readers in a recent poll were asked which Republican presidential candidate they would pick for 2016.

Rand Paul ended on top of the poll with 30.91 percent of the vote (72,277 votes), followed by Ted Cruz with 28.33 percent.

The other candidates were pretty far behind. Jeb Bush was next with 6.30 percent.

After him was Sarah Palin (5.24 percent); Chris Christie (4.87 percent); Rick Perry (4.33 percent); and Mike Huckabee (3.73 percent). 

Epoch Times Photo

Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, and Donald Trump were also choices in the poll, in which over 230,00 votes were cast. 

Other recent polls include a straw poll at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, which also saw Paul on top with 31 percent of the vote and Cruz in second with 11 percent; and a straw poll of conservatives by the founder of ConservativeHQ.com which saw Paul on top with 29 percent and Cruz in second with 17 percent.

Christie, the current governor or New Jersey, got in third in both of those polls.

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