Drudge Report Shows Mitt Romney is on Demand in Midterm Campaign Trail

Drudge Report is highlighting an article about Mitt Romney being in high demand, splashing a large black and white photo of the former presidential candidate with the words “Romney Stirs.”

Drudge is a conservative webpage that links to articles across the web.

The Romney link, the most prominent on Drudge’s page on Sunday, is to a Washington Post article that says Romney is in demand on the midterm campaign trail.

“President Obama thumped Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, but now their political standings seem reversed. During a summer in which Democratic candidates are keeping their distance from an unpopular president, Romney is emerging as one of the Republican Party’s most in-demand campaign surrogates,” the article says.

“Over three days in mid-August, Romney will campaign for GOP Senate and gubernatorial candidates in West Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas, aides said. In September, he is planning visits to the presidential swing states of Colorado and Virginia. Romney is filling up his October schedule, as well. Senate hopefuls in Iowa and New Hampshire are eager for him to return before November’s midterms, while Romney is weighing trips to other Senate battlegrounds. At least one high-profile Senate campaign said it has produced a television advertisement featuring Romney ready to air in the fall.”

The article quotes longtime Romney confidant Spencer Zwick as saying “Democrats don’t want to be associated with Barack Obama right now, but Republicans are dying to be associated with Mitt Romney.”

The article is the most-read in the Post’s politics section, right above another article about Romney: Was Mitt Romney right? His most spot-on predictions.

The third-most popular article is about Obama’s role in the midterms.

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