Double Your Sales INSTANTLY By Making Them Faster & More Fun!

February 5, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

For everyone there is always that one (or two) responsibility that they would just rather outsource to someone else and never hear about it again. For many, that’s sales. And though hiring a sales associate can be a great move for your business, it’s important to know how to sell your product well. Why? Because people are buying you, not the service or product. If this is your company, it’s crucial for customers to have a relationship with you before you pass the baton to other employees. In order to see your bottom line skyrocket this quarter focus on ways you can make sales faster & more fun!

Make Sales The New Six Flags. The first step to making anything more enjoyable is to make it fun. I hate vacuuming but every Sunday I crank up the radio, plug in my vacuum and sing my lungs out until my apartment is clean. I’ve made a process which I dread into something I look forward to. Consider taking the same approach to sales. Instead of thinking of sales as “the monster they call money”, instead think of it as meeting new people if you are social butterfly, or learning about a business if you a business enthusiast or an opportunity to just strut your stuff. Do it over lunch at your favorite restaurant or drinking a delicious latte or playing your favorite sport. Make it yours and make it fun – it will also be more enjoyable for your prospects!

Make Sales Faster Than Geico…Or E-Surance…Or Whichever Is Now Faster. Depending on your service or product, your sales cycle (the funnel by which prospects go from meeting you to signing a contract) will inevitably vary. Some sales cycles are just a few weeks while other can take several months depending on the complexity of your business. Here are a few tricks to speed things along.

  • Always stay in control of the conversation. Make sure to reiterate desires back to your prospects so they know you both are on the same page, i.e. So, your goal is to raise the company’s profits by 5% by 2017, is that right?

  • Systematically ask for next steps, i.e. In our last meeting we discussed the ways in which my company could help increase interactions by 20%. What are some next steps do you think are required to demonstrate this concept to your CEO?

  • Don’t stalk your prey…they aren’t antelope! Sometimes the best way to speed things along is to literally walk away from them. This only works with particular types of clients. With them, no is the new yes.

  • Always be prepared. Talking smalking. Put proof in your hands when you’re talking about case studies or previous clients. Talk is cheap, but action speaks volumes.

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