Dota 2 Seasonal Holiday Event Frostivus Canceled, But Part of Storyline

December 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Dota 2 seasonal holiday event “Frostivus” has been canceled, but it turns out that it’s part of the storyline.

The Dota 2 website details the Wraith-Night as such: “Your King Needs You.”

“Skeleton King is crumbling to dust after too many resurrections. He has staked his hopes on a ritual that can be performed but once in a millennium. On the solstice known as Wraith-Night, auroral powers charge the earth with an eerie glow. Imbued with Wraith Essence, monsters grow in power but heroes gain new strength. You alone can harvest the energy needed to prepare the King for his next coronation. Who knows how he might show his appreciation?”

The Skeleton King is placed in a trance, and give heroes must defend the king from the armies of Wraith-Night.

“With every beast they slay, a spark of Wraith Essence flows to the King. Survive until dawn, and the King will be reborn in a form more imperishable than bone,” according to the website. “May the first rays of the Frostivus sun illumine the newly risen Wraith King!”

Playing through the event will get the player Fragments, which can be traded for Wraith-Night Reliquaries.

The new twist includes the Legion Commander from the original Dota.



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